Days when I’m wrong..



Ever happened that everything seemed wrong?
Ever happened that it kept irritating, Just that one song?
Ever happened that all you felt was a burning gloom?
Ever happened that inside your head it’s “BOOM BOOM BOOM”?

Yes, that is how every semester of my life is,
Is it my flaw or is it who I’m- A Black Sheep?
Yes, that is what every one’s view is, be it her or his,
Am I ever gonna change or I’d always weep?

Chances are there that I’d loose her again,
Chances are there that I’ll cry is dusty rain,
Chances are there that every one would discard me,
Chances are there that a flashback I may see.

Yes, that’s how each season ends,
With sad reviews & cunning critics,
Yes, that’s how before fate your back bends,
With ruined relations & a heart so weak.

Sorry I’ve been for feeding my ego more,
Sorry I’ve been for making my wounds sore,
Sorry I’ve been for missing out on your feelings,
Sorry I’ve been for my ignorant kneeling.

Yes, that’s when I’m perplexed & puzzled,
About the courage inside the coward I’ve been,
Yes, that’s when this hassle becomes trouble,
When the “RED” never turn into “GREEN”.

Inside me, I’ve forever known what to do & how
Inside me, I’ve still lost control over myself,
Inside me, I’m regret ful to events so ‘wow’
Inside me, I know I just couldn’t help.

Yes, I’ve done mistakes & I am repeating them,
But this time I’d not loose in this battle,
Yes, I do not wish to loose her for life,
Be it take riding miles with a single paddle.

Yes, It’s difficult to speak to you :)



It gets so difficult to speak to you; the more I think of you,
I do not know since when your eyes became so pretty; could be my feelings new,
When you are sitting before me & my heart pounding at a rate of Ferrari/Hour
My stalking eyes get lit up with flames & butterflies begin to holler.

Yes! It gets so difficult to speak to you; the more I watch you passing by,
The “Charishma” of a dame so gorgeous; making everything seem so high,
Remembering those rare moments when we talked; I wish back then I knew,
That the one I’d fall for would be no one else but you.

That one expression on your face; when you’re thinking deep,
Bullies my marshmallow heart who so badly wants to beat,
And when you catch my eyes watching you; I would wanna run & hide,
or may be I wanna let you know everything; DAMNIT! I can’t decide.

When I walk through the market; I have always bought a flower eversince,
Everyday of which I thought I’d present to a princess as a prince,
They end up dying each day; cursing my fears of failing again,
How do I justify my defense; that it’s me as much screwed as they in pain?

I have my answers,
That why is it so difficult to speak to you; it’s your simplicity,
Unlike me; always on a roller-coaster of thoughts merging to the same city,
Life is a risk & I have enjoyed those moments; but not with your extraordinary smile,
Your life may be better without me; & I’d still get to see you may be from a mile.

Time when you’re around.


Thank you Katie for such a wonderful Illustration.

Chasing the pseudo presence of her eyes,
Beautiful as ever denying all my lies,
A lilt of feelings start to frisson,
With an ache inside my resonant heart,
Story that gets me inside as a part.

Diversion they say is the best cure,
But her warmth is so dulcet & extremely pure,
Apricity all around with the luminescent moon,
Sweet dalliance with the night gets kindled,
To dance in joy when the raindrops sprinkle.

A face that I remember comes alive,
Finally, something to cheer for in this doomed life,
Her soft hands & mellifluos whispers,
Pouring my veins with Idyllic potion,
Slowly destroying my insatiable notion.

The tale of a lonely “Cygnet” now ends,
Azurish my state dissolves & blends,
I see her waving off with no promises,
Bereft of my beloved I stand to taint,
Tracing my way back out of the paint.

A painting that is mounted on my wall,
Is my everything in my world so small,
Watery eyes acknowledging this mendacity,
& penchant heart waiting for a sound,
till the next time when you’re around.

On your birthday.. Dear Mermaid .


Happy Birthday Mermaid 🙂

It’s your birthday today, my best wishes & prayers are for you mermaid.

A pattern with dolphins just passed by,
how they sprinkled you over the sky,
I see the face that outglows stars,
Ingenious the breeze asks me to pray,
Walk a carpet of pearls, on your birthday.

A shingle around my feet shone,
Pink, purple & yellow it blooms,
we crave the cream of the ocean,
they hold my fingers to let them spray,
angels to watch you over, on your birthday.

Herrings & horses are among the magicians,
nonchalant they have huge grins over their faces,
their mystical prowess explores your glory,
season’s notes fall over the pianic array,
waiting for you to sing, on your birthday.

As the celebration gets nygh,
himself the life wants to get high,
resuscitated the leap year into tidal waves,
characters of the surface are now ready to play,
a game of “Thor”, on your birthday.

Several dreams above your oceanic world,
awaits their dusk eyed queen,
& the belly of shimmering moonlight,
bestows them to be as you say,
loveliest the view, on your birthday.

& when all these watercolors combine,
ennobling the misery of this wine,
your surreal eyes seem to guide,
spells to rejuvenate the month of may,
A painting of rejoice, on your birthday.

My oeuvre at end while the sun sets alone,
but with compliments for the most beautiful woman,
While the sun shines, may you always find,
a little window of hope in every ray,
wishing you a thousand rainbows across your bay,

On Your Birthday ❤

Dear Mom (Mother’s Day)



Dear mom,

Through your embrace all my troubles decide to melt,
through you fingers all my paths are clearly felt,
in your eyes there is no manipulation,
in your arms, most awaited salvation.

Deep in the ocean I could not breathe,
above the sky it was too lonesome,
where I want to, I sleep underneath,
your arms I now blossom.

I might hurt you sometime,
behave like an over smart saint,
still at my foolishness you smile,
softly telling me I am still no giant.

Tears so valuable fall down your eyes,
when I face my bad nightmares
& those are the blessings in disguise,
Greater than god itself would dare.

I love you with all my heart mom,
It’s your hand why I stand straight,
my sins dissolve through your prayers,
Thank you for changing my fate.

Happy Mother’s Day ❤