They Stay Where They Belong.


Thank you “Miss Caryl” for such a lovely quote.

My intentions are nothing;
rather than telling you how beautiful you are,
My way may be different;
just so you don’t lose that smile five-star,
When you walk carrying sweet curiosity in eyes;
my heart switches from beats to whispers,
Causing my gestures taking weird formations;
while I am still busy stopping my brain & heart from a war.

“Feelings” is a funny word in English language;
it intrudes your deepest wall of defense,
It’s worse in those days of peace within;
when your unjustified ignorance your heart could sense,
Another silly though that makes me smile;
when it is just one face you recall all the time,
& nothing else seem to matter your attention;
my poor mind being jury to this lovely offense.

It’s not that I’vent been in such situation before;
Yes I am silly since a time very long,
Surprise is every time I get lost into this maze of reality;
a flute of romance triggers me to find my song,
Search for you always remains as a mesmerizing reminiscence;
especially when I know nothing about you,
Breathless I dream of you with sober eyes;
moments of warmth when I find you along.

Every now & then when our ways bisect;
kills me because I can’t call you mine,
Hence the rehearsals in my mirror;
gets better with a few glasses of wine,
Just as plain & direct as you are always;
drives me to blindly love you forever,
To just hold you all my life;
to promise eternal love the moment our hands entwine,

In the end when I’ve finally gathered the courage to speak;
what I hold there inside,
I now shall wake up from my fantasy;
Once again with a purpose to decide,
You’re awesome my darling moreover your tantalizing giggles;
but I’ll let my heart down again,
Once again a can of trash;
once again some feelings to slide 🙂