Yes, It’s difficult to speak to you :)



It gets so difficult to speak to you; the more I think of you,
I do not know since when your eyes became so pretty; could be my feelings new,
When you are sitting before me & my heart pounding at a rate of Ferrari/Hour
My stalking eyes get lit up with flames & butterflies begin to holler.

Yes! It gets so difficult to speak to you; the more I watch you passing by,
The “Charishma” of a dame so gorgeous; making everything seem so high,
Remembering those rare moments when we talked; I wish back then I knew,
That the one I’d fall for would be no one else but you.

That one expression on your face; when you’re thinking deep,
Bullies my marshmallow heart who so badly wants to beat,
And when you catch my eyes watching you; I would wanna run & hide,
or may be I wanna let you know everything; DAMNIT! I can’t decide.

When I walk through the market; I have always bought a flower eversince,
Everyday of which I thought I’d present to a princess as a prince,
They end up dying each day; cursing my fears of failing again,
How do I justify my defense; that it’s me as much screwed as they in pain?

I have my answers,
That why is it so difficult to speak to you; it’s your simplicity,
Unlike me; always on a roller-coaster of thoughts merging to the same city,
Life is a risk & I have enjoyed those moments; but not with your extraordinary smile,
Your life may be better without me; & I’d still get to see you may be from a mile.