Wings till Eternity!


Everybody has wings to fly.

Life’s not cruel, When I smile often,
& it brings peace, When assumptions don’t happen,
If not the glow of a saint then neither the sorrow of a demon,
This ephemeral journey has only taught me to be human.
But, It wasn’t always such a battle!

There was a time when my giggles were cherished,
& the darkness all around would love to perish,
Through my window on the great white world,
My eyes would learn to imagine & draw,
A holy temple where my heart stayed raw.

To feel safe at night, I’d ask Mom to be around,
& I’d hug my pillow on every weird sound,
Yet, I won’t sleep until I’m sure,
of my angels to be there in my dreams,
to go on an Ebullient journey of adventure & screams.

Those green toads in the month of July,
Singing along with the birds all set to fly,
As messengers of the mighty ‘Thor’
I would know it’s that time of the week,
When the rain drops & I played Hide & Seek.

I remember that girl from the neighborhood,
the one whom I’d marry if I ever would,
All the roses of my garden I plucked & proposed,
Felt so happy that day I dared to dance,
The Eyes that I stalked met mine by chance.

The battle started with my first thought,
to change myself to fit in the slot,
A mistake we all are destined with,
& the chaos of a decadent life began,
Fatigued morals leading to plagued plans.

The temple I abandoned is now someone’s home,
& the rain drops took form of the tears,
My angels were hunted down within myself,
So the roses in my garden crumbled with fear,
As I stood alone with my artificial emotions.

Today when I sit back & rewind my innocence,
All I search for is that magical sense,
that I possessed as my lucky charm,
Looking at the birds again in the sky, I realize
I have wings till eternity, I just need to fly.

Alchemy of Dove & Dust.



You ever felt like?

Phase I –

Standing alive among mechanistic samples,
Like a nipper mango overshadowed by big red apples,
Piffling through some great typical common sense,
Yet trying to pass through a drowsy fence,
Distant so much that cloud now yells,
Bleeding my ears with those corporal bells,
How much I demand from my so-called reality?
Embrace my fiction & I live with clarity.

Hypocrite heart & the cousin mind,
Soul & body they together bind,
Insidious insecurities igniting illusions,
Avoiding sabbath against sinful confusions,
You walk on the sand & it turns into a race,
Running to survive through the camels of fate,
Intangible worthlessness misplaced somewhere,
Enigmatic complexity which doesn’t seem to care.

Blooming around thugs of my misery,
The “omnipotent” & “contaminated” single Jury?
Gratitude & servitude battling my vision,
A Marvellous apology by the unforgiven,
Inductee to my inevitable journey of life,
Glaring sympathies! A compulsion to hide,
Spontaneous stars having lecherous goals,
The more I withdraw, The more I unfold.

Phase II –

Excuse the Devil! Hollers the Luminary,
Wiring yourself with blessings mandatory,
Ginormous the “ego of the egg” melts down,
Ludicrous my reasons just love to frown,
Shields of beliefs to protect the innocent,
Superman returns from nerdy “Clarke Kent”,
Hastened the actions bringing back the hopes,
“The one who survives is the one who copes”

Mistakes tend to gain a sweet serendipity,
Those who mattered shelter with relativity,
On a rainy day when you dance over moody blues,
Learning to depress the “Blackish” hue,
Revenge is ravishing when you explore gentility,
Showing mirrors of disgrace to misused profanity,
Being reverential towards yourself is must,
Completing your “Alchemy of Dove & Dust”.