Wings till Eternity!


Everybody has wings to fly.

Life’s not cruel, When I smile often,
& it brings peace, When assumptions don’t happen,
If not the glow of a saint then neither the sorrow of a demon,
This ephemeral journey has only taught me to be human.
But, It wasn’t always such a battle!

There was a time when my giggles were cherished,
& the darkness all around would love to perish,
Through my window on the great white world,
My eyes would learn to imagine & draw,
A holy temple where my heart stayed raw.

To feel safe at night, I’d ask Mom to be around,
& I’d hug my pillow on every weird sound,
Yet, I won’t sleep until I’m sure,
of my angels to be there in my dreams,
to go on an Ebullient journey of adventure & screams.

Those green toads in the month of July,
Singing along with the birds all set to fly,
As messengers of the mighty ‘Thor’
I would know it’s that time of the week,
When the rain drops & I played Hide & Seek.

I remember that girl from the neighborhood,
the one whom I’d marry if I ever would,
All the roses of my garden I plucked & proposed,
Felt so happy that day I dared to dance,
The Eyes that I stalked met mine by chance.

The battle started with my first thought,
to change myself to fit in the slot,
A mistake we all are destined with,
& the chaos of a decadent life began,
Fatigued morals leading to plagued plans.

The temple I abandoned is now someone’s home,
& the rain drops took form of the tears,
My angels were hunted down within myself,
So the roses in my garden crumbled with fear,
As I stood alone with my artificial emotions.

Today when I sit back & rewind my innocence,
All I search for is that magical sense,
that I possessed as my lucky charm,
Looking at the birds again in the sky, I realize
I have wings till eternity, I just need to fly.