How I Feel?



Summer is cold & the sun is dwarf, still my eyes wish to blink,
You’re gone & it’s all a shock, still my heart wants to beat,
I melt before you like a candle, how hard it is for steel?
Why should I tell you how I feel?

Elevated my career & plans I never made,
I remember when your face could conquer all that I hate,
A stunning beauty leaving a wound to heal,
Why should I tell you how I feel?

It isn’t about why, it isn’t about how,
A love is lost all that I hear now,
I’ll put my prayer & your happiness under a seal,
But, I’m never gonna tell you how I feel.

The roads that I travel laugh at me, yet I walk
with Empty footsteps being a slave to your company,
& then, it’ll rain pushing me to kneel,
Why should I tell you how I feel?

Some delight stays within this languor,
Epiphany of a rejected innocence, Be careful!
A flower; there are times with the thorns it can kill,
Why should I tell you how I feel?

Your promises would make me dream,
The daylight & the dark; it’ll all be the same,
Building a perfect home for a lifelong Zeal,
I’m never gonna let you know how I feel?