Time when you’re around.


Thank you Katie for such a wonderful Illustration.

Chasing the pseudo presence of her eyes,
Beautiful as ever denying all my lies,
A lilt of feelings start to frisson,
With an ache inside my resonant heart,
Story that gets me inside as a part.

Diversion they say is the best cure,
But her warmth is so dulcet & extremely pure,
Apricity all around with the luminescent moon,
Sweet dalliance with the night gets kindled,
To dance in joy when the raindrops sprinkle.

A face that I remember comes alive,
Finally, something to cheer for in this doomed life,
Her soft hands & mellifluos whispers,
Pouring my veins with Idyllic potion,
Slowly destroying my insatiable notion.

The tale of a lonely “Cygnet” now ends,
Azurish my state dissolves & blends,
I see her waving off with no promises,
Bereft of my beloved I stand to taint,
Tracing my way back out of the paint.

A painting that is mounted on my wall,
Is my everything in my world so small,
Watery eyes acknowledging this mendacity,
& penchant heart waiting for a sound,
till the next time when you’re around.




Life is a wonderful gift but I will walk alone,
I meet wonderful people but they come & go,
They all smile, they all showcase,
Always a time when it all just looks fake,
I may always contemplate while others smile,
Could be my deficiency I don’t carry a style,
My father tells me of this attire,
We don’t always get what we desire,
My trails for peace die a merciless death,
In all these years what have I become? A void set!
What is yours stands so afar,
Meanwhile, in hopes I keep fixing my radar,
Have a foresight & hit the goal,
What is success? A succesful troll?
I start to complicate as the standards start to fuss,
Yet I don’t find the courage to battle with this calculus,
What is my fault if I take my risks?
The gentle I become, the harder I miss,
One man for himself is what I’ve learnt,
Either you run to survive or you be the hunt,
Death is furious when you know how to feel,
this is a land where even zombies kneel,
Mythology is a dream & evolution a joke,
tons of foolish stuff that happens while you smoke,
Their anger is weak & their love so null,
An emotionless heart with boneless skull.

Insidious Streets – The Joker


It moved with the shadows, with the chair, with the lamps but when I looked around, there was nothing.


Being a kid I was told to stay away from the dark & I always wondered why? I was always petrified about there being a monster under my bed. I was a curious kid & I always had a mixed confluence of fear & bravery. My fear was real but bravery was fake. To be very honest, I only wanted to know about the dark. Ranging from a little black kitty to furious demented demons, I had each one of them hammering my mind with restlessness. Who are they? What can they do? Do they have huge hands? Would I be able to compete with them? What do I do if they are invisible? All such queries troubled my brain as soon as the dark prevailed.

Be it Hollywood fiction or cartoon network fun episodes like The Shining, Harry Potter, Opt Mirrors or Scooby Doo, they all somehow illustrated the dream I often saw while sleeping. The dream was “There is a monster under my bed or inside the closet”. Time kept on flowing like a river & so did my age. I often scared my brother & sister or even my mother by hiding inside the closet or just lurking in the dark wearing a black blanket. It was the idea of darkness that kept in satisfied over years. It was my belief that one day I am going to find one of them.

It’s the best thing about time that the memories & moments we create fade over the years. Some stay but we tend to forget them in order to create new ones. I grew up to understand that everything that they show in great, spine chilling movies is pure hogwash, but what I could not forget was the monster. It Stayed.

Did he stay back under the bed? Did he find himself a corner inside the closet or did he move to the attic and stayed there since?
The monster continued to trouble me. It would creep up on me randomly, shocking me, and shocking people around me. I kept checking in the cupboard, under the bed and attic till one day I saw Christopher Nolan’s classic “The dark knight”.
“The Joker” (One idea who will never die) said: We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside us.
Joker for the most part is written by people who read comics, not people who have a college degree in Psychology.
Ledger’s Joker was a personification of disregard and chaos. His primary goal seems to be to prove that people, in dire situations, are just as sick and horrible as he is.
The chaos in our lives compel us to act as maniacs / insane. Looking and reading about all the thefts, murders, muggings make one feel sick. The times we live in, the situations we go through compel us to cross the so called line of sanity. We often end up doing something that one would not have done in an utopian world. Even if our actions do not convey our feelings, our thoughts clog up our brain.
Since sanity is a state of mind, isn’t it only appropriate to judge minds as sane or insane rather than actions? Actions are simply a result of things and I think describing them in terms of emotions or logic is a metaphor/slang means of personifying whoever is doing them.
 Insanity isn’t the absence of rational thinking. It’s.. a very broad term for irrational behavior.
This brings me back to THE DARK KNIGHT….This film is really about the Joker. We’re lured in to his world, where we learn what he’s capable of and what he cares about—what motivates him. Learning more about him is like watching a car accident unfold, but worse and more frightening, because it feels like you might be hit next. Nolan’s incarnation of the Joker, and Batman’s reactions to him, seem so real that The Dark Knight doesn’t feel like a superhero movie, but like a documentary on the emergence of a terrorist-cum-serial killer.I was repeatedly struck by the Joker’s cleverness and restraint: He planned three simultaneous murders, Godfather style. That takes extraordinary planning abilities, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to defer gratification Sounds like anyone else in the movie – like Batman? This Joker is neither impulsive nor capricious, although he may appear that way at first blush. Just as with Batman, the Joker’s actions are designed to create a particular impression, an impression that puts his adversaries at a disadvantage: that he’s weird and unpredictable. That you never know how far he’ll push something, so take him seriously. This, too, is part of the impression that Batman tries to create. But the Joker’s got Batman’s number because he knows that Batman isn’t entirely unpredictable—Batman lives within certain self-imposed and societally-imposed rules. Because of those rules, Batman becomes predictable…at least to the Joker. Two men with similar talents, but in the Joker’s case, his talents are used to create anarchy for his own amusement.
As a movie buff, I would like to cheer for Joker, but as a societal creature, my moralities do not let me root or cheer for the Joker.
We are sociopathics – who know right or wrong, but simply do not care whereas the Joker is a psychopath who is born with temperamental differences such as impulsivity and fearlessness that leads him to risk-seeking behavior and an inability to internalize social norms.
This blog started as a note or journey into our own self, but ended up as a pseudo thesis on the Joker.
My thoughts were muddled while writing this piece, just like Joker’s actions.
Nonetheless, let me know what you feel.
Why so serious?

2012 – By George Sibbal


There was a time when 1984 was written.
  There will be a time when 2012 would be written.

So? What year is it? 2050? & I am an 105 year old corporate.

Being a douche bag how could I avoid encroaching? Here am I again, rising like a “white knight” to speak about gladilous & over hyped 2012. It was meant to be a year of total destruction. It was the year when several Protesterones emerged out of no where. But, for me twenty-twelve was the most lucrative time of my life. Being among the most imperfunctorist Lizards, we found a prophetic way of being pretentious over crookedness. We perambulated around to find out a largish amount of weak but groovy minded humans. We bent them like “Beckham” in their own wonderland. Excuse my exultation but I find it utterly amusing how they called us the “government” & thought were done with their duties. Courtesy “Lumber jack berg” for introducing a legendary weapon named Fart-Book. It was used to glamorize farts & no one actually needed to move to the bathroom.

Let’s rewind further till 1942 – During “World War II” we discovered the power to shift shapes. Our fat but glowing faces empowered us to suit the high authority positions among humans. Our job was to calculate how much we can impede the human race in values & to rip them off using our corporal skills. It wasn’t very hard as it is a human’s tendency “to accept until it totally upsets”. We plied through their minds & hearts to create illusions of a developed world. This helped us gaining plutocracy among the crowd & we were called “Politicians”. We divided people, we dictated them, we exploited them with their own brains & manual force but we always stood behind the curtains.

I still remember one of our senior saying “Let these fools fight among themselves, they stay as a subject to subjugation”

We used slogans like:






I still get surprised to see how much these slogans pleased the human race & if I believe of being in a good state of mind, they whole heatedly accepted our imperious proposals.

A huge platform entails some tiny troubles. We also had some. Some over smart people found a new religion called “Protest”. They collected proofs, created awareness, took serious actions to stop our dictatorship. According to their views it was necessary to replicate & win. Well, they are so true but we were so crooked. We never let them unite. We knew that at a considerable level they might cause us to fall but at a tiny level they would scream & die.

We just deinertised their movement by brutal forces & portrayed that it was mandatory to do so in order to develop. “People heard all that, admitted all that & moved on with all that” It was all crap but it could have smelled fine to them. I knew even if people would know the truth, they’ll say, “oh my God that’s horrible,” and then go on eating their dinners. They basically were self centered Morons moving towards destruction.

Our one-upmanship always advised us to stay calm through such protests because we knew that it’s a filch. Nothing is going to change because they themselves didn’t want it to change. They would rather sit over fart book & update events & those who are fighting as freedom fighters shall be pulverized by us.

In short “It was their world they were slave within, we never really had to try hard”

On your birthday.. Dear Mermaid .


Happy Birthday Mermaid 🙂

It’s your birthday today, my best wishes & prayers are for you mermaid.

A pattern with dolphins just passed by,
how they sprinkled you over the sky,
I see the face that outglows stars,
Ingenious the breeze asks me to pray,
Walk a carpet of pearls, on your birthday.

A shingle around my feet shone,
Pink, purple & yellow it blooms,
we crave the cream of the ocean,
they hold my fingers to let them spray,
angels to watch you over, on your birthday.

Herrings & horses are among the magicians,
nonchalant they have huge grins over their faces,
their mystical prowess explores your glory,
season’s notes fall over the pianic array,
waiting for you to sing, on your birthday.

As the celebration gets nygh,
himself the life wants to get high,
resuscitated the leap year into tidal waves,
characters of the surface are now ready to play,
a game of “Thor”, on your birthday.

Several dreams above your oceanic world,
awaits their dusk eyed queen,
& the belly of shimmering moonlight,
bestows them to be as you say,
loveliest the view, on your birthday.

& when all these watercolors combine,
ennobling the misery of this wine,
your surreal eyes seem to guide,
spells to rejuvenate the month of may,
A painting of rejoice, on your birthday.

My oeuvre at end while the sun sets alone,
but with compliments for the most beautiful woman,
While the sun shines, may you always find,
a little window of hope in every ray,
wishing you a thousand rainbows across your bay,

On Your Birthday ❤

Wanna Be?



If you somehow, ofcourse “you” here includes me aswell & I am sharing with all my experience & learning from my own mistakes (Other’s into consideration aswell), so we lost track? xD

If you somehow impersonate any of that trait inside you whenever you are procrastinating, that only means you are selling yourself as someone else & that is not how we can compose a happy satisfied life.

We might make pathetic attempts at impersonating a particular someone but that doesn’t makes us them instead we become one of those loosers  who tried climbing a tree being a fish. At one point of time, we get to know our self potential & we should only work for that because that would bring us real success.

Let’s take a simple example :

A wanna be college student, enters into his/her graduation course in 1st year. A trend is on go that everybody hates their colleges & studies. The college management is pathetic according to their seniors (who are somewhat true). Now just to be that one cool senior, he starts criticizing the college in first few days itself. That’s the spot! Instead of trying to work hard for things, one is much concentrated for popularity among the crowd & only running behind the crew might get them to be leader one day. In the end they finally realize how life works but still won’t accept the fault that it wasn’t a system at major level, it was us ourselves. That’s how it is working now a days (Precisely pathetic a/c to me).

While you are trying to adopt their personality, you may not become one like them but you will surely adopt several negative traits shown & that’t the tragedy. You may quote it like “I wanna be that & that & I have become nothing but  SAD” xD

It’s okay to be cool but it is far more better to be original. I am telling you my personal experience with people. Life is such a huge platform & you can work out a thousand another examples.

Dump all that into this wallpaper at your computer & get set for a new thrill in life which awaits after that.

“A defeat accepted is a thousand another battles won” – There is Victory after Fear.

ADIOS – “till next time”