A humble request to fellow readers : This blog only has original work by me & I am here to share that. We all become better people by sharing whatsoever knowledge we own. Please give me your reaction which is really necessary. Please try to be polite but of course you can be sarcastic πŸ˜‰

I am time. Growing everyday Yet coming back to the same point again & again.

A Blue Caecity. I Won’ be Posting A Plethora Of My wierd Thoughts here, But just because we all do introduce ourselves, I Am By Profession An Engineer & By Hobbies A Poet & A Writer. I Like To Create A Vision & I Won’t Say Best Quality But I Stick To It. Very Rigid With No Polarization In There. My Pessimist & Optimist keep on dancing with funny swords making me laugh in my dreams. I Like To Share My Thoughts & Views With A Very Creepy Way Of Straight Talk Which Gets Me Into Deep Optical Illusions Made My People About Me. Still I Never Give Up On My Desires Of Making My Surroundings Clean. I Am Bipolar & Very Unstable At Heart. I Have A Tendency To Test A Lot Of Things. Everything has something beautiful & something deceitful. I Am Down To Earth, Not Very Conservative & A Critic When it becomes really annoying.. I Believe In My Culture & I Believe That Brings Unity & I Keep Implying Them In My Life On Everyday Basis. I Am A Big Foodie & I Love Vegetables. Basically I Am A Human Who Is Delightful In Nature If Given A Chance.


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