“Bliss & Fate”



Just like those old monks used to say,
Everything happened because of a good reason behind it,
I wanna say something alike aswell,
You make it so nice so we learn to live with it.

Just like those bare trees in autumn waiting for the spring,
to come & love them tenderly all their life they wish,
But you can’t expect a season to stay forever,
A t tragic antilogy between fate & bliss.

So fragile are those moments with you I long to live,
Forever to walk besides you until dawn meets dusk,
So weak I’d stand over the zenith of my fate,
A climate so dry but a couth darkness to lurk.

How pleasant is this rhapsodic law of life is,
Your dreams don’t work until you don’t intend,
& on the vestige of your valid happiness,
You find fate drooling over what you’re about to lend.

& you are left alone to judge the nuance of love & hate,
Where you choose your best suited trait,
Now you’d walk again in depths of thorny life,
To justify your feelings & all the long wait.

When I reach to hold her in my dreams everyday,
I wanna whisper wishes to make her heart listen,
That it’s her whom I need to walk alongside me,
& bliss of her hair on my face to make my fate glisten.

Sometimes I wonder that what I do wrong,
or what I lack; least I deserve to know,
It’s a wonderful life to cherish if I keep my dream aside,
Neither a single grief nor a stabbing foe.

This wasn’t a threnody to criticize “Kismet”
May be reverie overflowing in my veins could be the cause,
It was something I realized sitting under the shed of my rooftop,
Watching raindrops bending the mighty wind to pause.

Then it was a Hail-Storm 🙂


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