“Cracks on the floor of Innocence”


Dreams with constructive disguise,
he finds his own seed blooming in her lap,
A man with dark mustache, proud & wise,
swirl of magical wind making them blind,
An old song, he thought he would rewind.

The chants in that kinder garden room,
where I first lost my pencil & broom,
dancing on my shining faith of mischief,
I am back on rawr with 4 o’clock swat cats,
Ofcourse unaware of an undesired chaos.

From that day I wish myths weren’t true,
A wonderland destroyed by a thunderbolt,
All those Old Men who said it didn’t matter,
Leaving my unicorn dream to crumble & shatter,
my eyes seek for an oblivion from reality.

The Man so proud was King of this land,
discovering faith in me as a helping hand,
At each step I felt deep regret & it went on,
Shamelessness cracks on my boat of fear,
doomed sea of lonliness, my eyes seeking a saviour.

Smoke foam of the cigarette between my fingers,
you give fire to a 11 year old & watch him linger,
Expectations raised as usual as eye brows,
The damned truth of every single family,
My beloved child tearing apart his sanity.

Growing older with several loopholes in dreams,
flame of a candle is no different from cream,
Pushed in a corner & bathed with calculus,
the choice I had to say it is mine,
suddenly the blue elephants took form of a wine.

Trajectory is not to find sympathy of you,
I will stay numb till i realize my worth,
Surprised? The kid is now 23 year Old,
Being desperate looking out for more in this presence,
My Poisoned life with cracks on floor of innocence.


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