Time when you’re around.


Thank you Katie for such a wonderful Illustration.

Chasing the pseudo presence of her eyes,
Beautiful as ever denying all my lies,
A lilt of feelings start to frisson,
With an ache inside my resonant heart,
Story that gets me inside as a part.

Diversion they say is the best cure,
But her warmth is so dulcet & extremely pure,
Apricity all around with the luminescent moon,
Sweet dalliance with the night gets kindled,
To dance in joy when the raindrops sprinkle.

A face that I remember comes alive,
Finally, something to cheer for in this doomed life,
Her soft hands & mellifluos whispers,
Pouring my veins with Idyllic potion,
Slowly destroying my insatiable notion.

The tale of a lonely “Cygnet” now ends,
Azurish my state dissolves & blends,
I see her waving off with no promises,
Bereft of my beloved I stand to taint,
Tracing my way back out of the paint.

A painting that is mounted on my wall,
Is my everything in my world so small,
Watery eyes acknowledging this mendacity,
& penchant heart waiting for a sound,
till the next time when you’re around.


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