Life is a wonderful gift but I will walk alone,
I meet wonderful people but they come & go,
They all smile, they all showcase,
Always a time when it all just looks fake,
I may always contemplate while others smile,
Could be my deficiency I don’t carry a style,
My father tells me of this attire,
We don’t always get what we desire,
My trails for peace die a merciless death,
In all these years what have I become? A void set!
What is yours stands so afar,
Meanwhile, in hopes I keep fixing my radar,
Have a foresight & hit the goal,
What is success? A succesful troll?
I start to complicate as the standards start to fuss,
Yet I don’t find the courage to battle with this calculus,
What is my fault if I take my risks?
The gentle I become, the harder I miss,
One man for himself is what I’ve learnt,
Either you run to survive or you be the hunt,
Death is furious when you know how to feel,
this is a land where even zombies kneel,
Mythology is a dream & evolution a joke,
tons of foolish stuff that happens while you smoke,
Their anger is weak & their love so null,
An emotionless heart with boneless skull.


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