2012 – By George Sibbal


There was a time when 1984 was written.
  There will be a time when 2012 would be written.

So? What year is it? 2050? & I am an 105 year old corporate.

Being a douche bag how could I avoid encroaching? Here am I again, rising like a “white knight” to speak about gladilous & over hyped 2012. It was meant to be a year of total destruction. It was the year when several Protesterones emerged out of no where. But, for me twenty-twelve was the most lucrative time of my life. Being among the most imperfunctorist Lizards, we found a prophetic way of being pretentious over crookedness. We perambulated around to find out a largish amount of weak but groovy minded humans. We bent them like “Beckham” in their own wonderland. Excuse my exultation but I find it utterly amusing how they called us the “government” & thought were done with their duties. Courtesy “Lumber jack berg” for introducing a legendary weapon named Fart-Book. It was used to glamorize farts & no one actually needed to move to the bathroom.

Let’s rewind further till 1942 – During “World War II” we discovered the power to shift shapes. Our fat but glowing faces empowered us to suit the high authority positions among humans. Our job was to calculate how much we can impede the human race in values & to rip them off using our corporal skills. It wasn’t very hard as it is a human’s tendency “to accept until it totally upsets”. We plied through their minds & hearts to create illusions of a developed world. This helped us gaining plutocracy among the crowd & we were called “Politicians”. We divided people, we dictated them, we exploited them with their own brains & manual force but we always stood behind the curtains.

I still remember one of our senior saying “Let these fools fight among themselves, they stay as a subject to subjugation”

We used slogans like:






I still get surprised to see how much these slogans pleased the human race & if I believe of being in a good state of mind, they whole heatedly accepted our imperious proposals.

A huge platform entails some tiny troubles. We also had some. Some over smart people found a new religion called “Protest”. They collected proofs, created awareness, took serious actions to stop our dictatorship. According to their views it was necessary to replicate & win. Well, they are so true but we were so crooked. We never let them unite. We knew that at a considerable level they might cause us to fall but at a tiny level they would scream & die.

We just deinertised their movement by brutal forces & portrayed that it was mandatory to do so in order to develop. “People heard all that, admitted all that & moved on with all that” It was all crap but it could have smelled fine to them. I knew even if people would know the truth, they’ll say, “oh my God that’s horrible,” and then go on eating their dinners. They basically were self centered Morons moving towards destruction.

Our one-upmanship always advised us to stay calm through such protests because we knew that it’s a filch. Nothing is going to change because they themselves didn’t want it to change. They would rather sit over fart book & update events & those who are fighting as freedom fighters shall be pulverized by us.

In short “It was their world they were slave within, we never really had to try hard”


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