On your birthday.. Dear Mermaid .


Happy Birthday Mermaid 🙂

It’s your birthday today, my best wishes & prayers are for you mermaid.

A pattern with dolphins just passed by,
how they sprinkled you over the sky,
I see the face that outglows stars,
Ingenious the breeze asks me to pray,
Walk a carpet of pearls, on your birthday.

A shingle around my feet shone,
Pink, purple & yellow it blooms,
we crave the cream of the ocean,
they hold my fingers to let them spray,
angels to watch you over, on your birthday.

Herrings & horses are among the magicians,
nonchalant they have huge grins over their faces,
their mystical prowess explores your glory,
season’s notes fall over the pianic array,
waiting for you to sing, on your birthday.

As the celebration gets nygh,
himself the life wants to get high,
resuscitated the leap year into tidal waves,
characters of the surface are now ready to play,
a game of “Thor”, on your birthday.

Several dreams above your oceanic world,
awaits their dusk eyed queen,
& the belly of shimmering moonlight,
bestows them to be as you say,
loveliest the view, on your birthday.

& when all these watercolors combine,
ennobling the misery of this wine,
your surreal eyes seem to guide,
spells to rejuvenate the month of may,
A painting of rejoice, on your birthday.

My oeuvre at end while the sun sets alone,
but with compliments for the most beautiful woman,
While the sun shines, may you always find,
a little window of hope in every ray,
wishing you a thousand rainbows across your bay,

On Your Birthday ❤


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