Wanna Be?



If you somehow, ofcourse “you” here includes me aswell & I am sharing with all my experience & learning from my own mistakes (Other’s into consideration aswell), so we lost track? xD

If you somehow impersonate any of that trait inside you whenever you are procrastinating, that only means you are selling yourself as someone else & that is not how we can compose a happy satisfied life.

We might make pathetic attempts at impersonating a particular someone but that doesn’t makes us them instead we become one of those loosers  who tried climbing a tree being a fish. At one point of time, we get to know our self potential & we should only work for that because that would bring us real success.

Let’s take a simple example :

A wanna be college student, enters into his/her graduation course in 1st year. A trend is on go that everybody hates their colleges & studies. The college management is pathetic according to their seniors (who are somewhat true). Now just to be that one cool senior, he starts criticizing the college in first few days itself. That’s the spot! Instead of trying to work hard for things, one is much concentrated for popularity among the crowd & only running behind the crew might get them to be leader one day. In the end they finally realize how life works but still won’t accept the fault that it wasn’t a system at major level, it was us ourselves. That’s how it is working now a days (Precisely pathetic a/c to me).

While you are trying to adopt their personality, you may not become one like them but you will surely adopt several negative traits shown & that’t the tragedy. You may quote it like “I wanna be that & that & I have become nothing but  SAD” xD

It’s okay to be cool but it is far more better to be original. I am telling you my personal experience with people. Life is such a huge platform & you can work out a thousand another examples.

Dump all that into this wallpaper at your computer & get set for a new thrill in life which awaits after that.

“A defeat accepted is a thousand another battles won” – There is Victory after Fear.

ADIOS – “till next time”


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