How Facebook Timeline Screwed Our Happiness? :P



Although there are several other reasons for exisiting users of facebook that makes them hate timeline, like there is too much at once before our eyes & we cannot categorize. It is very heavy so a slow internet connection wouldn’t be of any help. With too much going on, you miss on Facebook Ads. People tag you in so many pictures & it makes your profile look crappy instead of elegant. There is so much to look at your profile so creepy idiots might stalk you more even if you are at super privacy. People post so much stupid stuff that doesn’t even means anything & it all can be featured.

Still we have activated timeline & deal with it, but there is a certain amount of psychology that relates to why people aren’t activating Facebook timeline.

Hypothetically speaking, the time isn’t far when we would be superhumans operating ourselves through computers. I am glad we cannot make it possible to fulfill basic necessities over the cyber world & that is the only ray of hope I can see.

Let’s categorize! Why wouldn’t anyone want timeline? Timeline could be awesome sometimes, just like looking back at old memories but could turn a nightmare if our past has not been exactly what we wanted.

Now we meet so many new people everyday & we want to be impressive, Just normal human psychology & very much understandable. Another human psychology states that the other person does a lot of research about us if they are interested in our lives. So basically it turns out to be a Hide & seek game? 😀

“People will never find thrill & entertainment if they keep researching each other & making prejudices. It is just like the Einstein theory, you will never learn until you make mistakes & you make mistakes only by trying new things. Nobody is flawless & nobody is sinless as well.

Secondly, people being researched on are worried about how people would think about them, so they aren’t at peace already. They want to seem flawless, least over the computer because it gets people to like them, it gets them pleasure.

Facebook timeline has messed up things & just gambled with human psychology.

Of course there is so much possible over Facebook. I have been a liar, a douche bag may be, a lover, sometimes I pretended to be someone, I haven’t had a life, But I finally figured out how to overcome these things because somehow somewhere it haunted me to not being able to live real. My life hasn’t been as awesome as it might seemed to some people. I have seen Ups & downs in my life, I have done mistakes but the most grave mistake I did was dwelling upon FB to get myself satisfied & giving up on life. Fortunately it was just for a year.

“Always accept yourself as you are & work for your betterment” is the one principle one should never forget.

I never say IDGAF because that sounds very wanna bee to me but seriously haters will never let you move forward if you keep feeding them with your attention.

PS: I got an exam today & I am here xD I should wind it up now 🙂


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