SAVE GIRL CHILD (Inspired by Satya Mev Jayate)



So it was 6th may, 2012. A perfect Sunday to wake up to. Anybody would be in a mood of relaxing, just hit the remote button to switch on Television & watch our favorite shows. Suddenly a Ad comes up – “DIL PE LAGEGI TABHI BAAT BANEGI” A well known figure over television with a huge grin over his face & hopes in his eyes. Yes we all know who it was, one of the most respected people in Indian Cinema “Aamir Khan” Presenting his debut over television with a show names “SATYA MEV JAYATE”. So I was like let’s watch what’s new in it.

I am not going to discuss about the show because millions of Indians are already aware of the fact that the show was awesome. So what am I Up to? Well I am up to wasting some of my time (of course many would see it like that) in spreading the word as asked by Aamir Khan.

“Life is precious” Ask anyone, Nobody would deny the fact. Just go grab a random stranger & ask him if they could give their life just like that? No! Instead they would find it weird or may be someone would already get a panic attack. What a comedy! Asking someone about taking their life gets them through this much stress & yet every year a thousand splendid rays of sunshines are buried alive inside the women’s belly. “FEMALE FOETICIDE” has been a prominent crime in India since the 60s when everyone started wishing for a boy as their child. Why? Oh the reasons are well known, Ignorance of ethics, Poverty, Insecurities & who wants to deal with burden? Ah! “Burden” A Place where we needed to fix marriages for our daughters, then arrange dowry & a shitload of household stuff to get her settled with a successful Jackass. Let’s not call everyone a jackass, But still anyone who demanded for dowry is a jackass through my perspective. People educated their boys, asked them to be engineers or doctors or may be charted accountants, Be a CEO in some big reputed company or qualify through “Civil Services” & when the time came to get them married, it was like a market. They literally spoke like “I am going to sell my boy for 200K Rupees” or 300K Rupees”. People with girl child went through stress of getting their girls married in a well educated family & finally a time arrived when everyone started thinking of having a boy child. The “Doctors” saw a nice amount of profit in this business when they could pursue parents to have an ultrasound therapy for their about to be born child & if it was a girl they would pursue them for abortion so more profit could be managed. Special training classes were given to couples why one should own a boy. Yes this all happened & haven’t stopped yet. A thousand medical organizations still work in such a way, the law doesn’t take the complains seriously because it is just an abortion. Government who is meant to be working for the people stands & delivers dictatorship that anyone protesting against our policies must be taken down. I am not getting into government for a while because problem exists between us. Govt. is made of the people, those highly ignorant morons are placed somewhere between us pretending to be high class educated & rich douche bags. We always blamed the poor for being ignorant but the fact is whatever the SEX RATIO is maintained, always have been maintained by the poor because they are way away from such evil thoughts. They don’t have the money to afford such an education & somewhere I am glad that they are this way because least they are not ignorant & pretending.

A high class doctor wants a boy so bad that he makes his significant doctor wife go through a torture. Is being a submissive woman in India a crime? Is listening to their husband a crime? No! But it becomes one when the husband starts behaving a way he should not. Women are made to bring beauty to our lives & we bring hell to theirs?

What are the effects? *LAUGHS* Go watch a million of unmarried studs in our villages & cities. YES! The lightning has again struck our villages & the poor because high class is so successful & pretending that they get married easily. Those unmarried frustrated ones try to tease, rape women to fulfill their lascivious needs. It has also given birth to several illegal crimes those are illegal prostitution & girl smuggling. Thousands of girls are smuggled everyday & people buy them to get themselves married. That one woman who has been bought to the family fulfills needs of all the unmarried males of the family. Is that what you thought how India shall be? Where women are being molested, tortured, exploited in such cruel ways.

Certainly, Education is not enough, We need to make ourselves realize what is the worth of women. Remember those ethics your parents told you when you were born? Always respect the girl, never let your feet touch her, Women are as sacred as goddesses & those women who don’t respect other women, Please remember how you were treated like a princess when you were a child? What if you would have been treated in such a way by your family & country? Individuality is good but that doesn’t unites us, our ethics do.

The solution is before you, Please do not look away from such acts of immorality, we have a law & it will work when we unite in every possible way. Learn to love a life not a gender. Women bring life & life is precious. I was born to a mother, we all were. Fulfill duties of a human, don’t take part in such sins against women. Education is not enough in our country, we need to change the medieval thinking. Our youth has got the potential & power to do so.



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