Dear Mom (Mother’s Day)



Dear mom,

Through your embrace all my troubles decide to melt,
through you fingers all my paths are clearly felt,
in your eyes there is no manipulation,
in your arms, most awaited salvation.

Deep in the ocean I could not breathe,
above the sky it was too lonesome,
where I want to, I sleep underneath,
your arms I now blossom.

I might hurt you sometime,
behave like an over smart saint,
still at my foolishness you smile,
softly telling me I am still no giant.

Tears so valuable fall down your eyes,
when I face my bad nightmares
& those are the blessings in disguise,
Greater than god itself would dare.

I love you with all my heart mom,
It’s your hand why I stand straight,
my sins dissolve through your prayers,
Thank you for changing my fate.

Happy Mother’s Day ❤


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