Awaara Movie (1951) Wallpaper


Although the image I used is from Shree 420, because couldn’t have a better image than this to show what is an Awaara.

Awaara Hun! hmmmmm…, Awaara hun. Ah! These lyrics puzzles my mind anytime I remember them. I am an 80s Baby, I spent most of my childhood in researching 70s to 80s stuff, so How did I come across such a valuable heritage of our country? Well, courtesy of my righteous father, who always kept me close to good traits of our country. Now, even after 61 years the movie is greatly alive in India. Starring “Shri Raj Kapoor” were one of the pioneers of Indian Cinema, the great showman of Bollywood & “Nargis” one of the delicate flowers of 50s & 60s, the movie is about a young delightful theif. I still remember that voice saying “My peripatetic soul wanders through this extremely ladderistic world”

Portraying the struggle of a lower class man with the capitalist evil of the country, Raj has no redemption. After this movie several movies has been released on similar issues & it was actually a revolution in Indian cinema thus the truth of our country. How lower class gets bullied & exploited by the rich, Was it only relevant in 1951? The answer would be No! As a matter of fact our people has learned to be rich but still lack a big heart. The poor still has no escape from evils of world. Poverty in India gives birth to crime & even crime is monitored by big politicians & industrialists. Youth with a huge potential is a slave to this torment & horror & can’t actually find direction. Everybody is anyhow in search of power, while there is no love left so is the peace element.

There is another side to the story, “The Great Atheism” I simply find no words to define this tragic word. When I was 18, I used to say I don’t think there is god because I thought I was too smart to produce verdicts. Is there any God? According to our beloved Albert Einstein, God is faith, an inspiration to actually look forward to, A path to find peace with yourself. It is as simple as that. You don’t really need to worship an Idol if you don’t want to but you need to have faith in yourself. I have seen people saying “We are atheists because science is too interesting to ignorance” That actually makes me laugh simply because Men of science are the most desperate ones to find the supernatural & they have always believed in its existence. The Supernatural faith of ours let’s us do wonders. So, anyone who takes side of science should overcome their ignorance. Nobody said worship a particular Idol, only if you start worshiping your own deeds, you would find the way to nirvana, well that’s just me. So coming back to the point, When confronted too a series of problems, the faith inside you starts to crumble & we say “I don’t think there’s god anymore” Well, what about your happy times? It is just our infected confidence who polishes rust over our optimism & we choose wrongly at those times.

My motive to create this wallpaper wasn’t to criticize the bad elements of our country, of course there are several good characteristics as well, my motive was simply to let you know that “if we would have belief in ourselves & only if we work towards betterment, we can achieve great happiness” – “Satisfaction because money & comfort comes & goes”


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