“Fins meant to fly”


In continuation of Tale of a Mermaid & So the stranger said …

“How in hell can you handle love without turning your life upside down? That’s what love does, it changes everything.”

-Lauren Bacall

But how? How can you fall in love with me? It could be a vague attraction?

She sounded completely astonished & thus resilient towards questions never answered. A sense of decency & dignity generating sweats of curiosity over her face & then all of sudden the idiot inside me decided to speak,

“Is it necessary to know someone to fall in love with them?” Because I never believed so. I knew my exhilaration was firing up my desperation.

We both could see ourselves standing in the middle of the vast oceanic world getting sprinkled by extra excited waves. They danced in such joy & confirmed that the moment was one they waited all their life.

The black night swallowed our fears & Stars shone like thundering equations of Zues.

“Omnia vincit Amor: et nos cedamos Amori” (Love conquers all, Let’s us too give in love)


Dear Mermaid,

I won’t be spunky about the trust I want to gain from you, All i know is I love you & I am ready to wait for you to love me till my eternity.

Reclusive she receded her feelings yet seeming like a miracle among pearls.

& WHY NOT? The dearest damn time! One of your betraying friend in moment of need. It was time for her to go back to the great depths. I wasn’t very much different from a sad pup out of love all of sudden.

Just about to vanish she queried,

Do you feel better?

Most certainly, My eyes glistened.


“Luck” – It is the most amazing feeling when you feel lucky. We rely upon luck all our life & it makes us feel alive as ever. I have had always embraced my luck & it somehow always did nullify my troubles & anxieties.

She gently kissed me over my cheeks while hiding under my arms. It felt like she wanted herself to belong in those forever.

Driving my mortality she whispered mellowing her most expressive attempt,

“I Love You” .

In my solitude, I felt so keen; So Alive!

I Love You Too!

Well aware of my insecurities in this period of knowing each other she always loved me enough. The care I searched everywhere was found & flourished. Her warmth was home to my instability.

“Loneliness of her traveler, she faded it with plenty of kisses”

In amazing confirmed my heart chirped with joy. I must tell you,

“If love was the best thing in my life, then the best of love were the kisses, “Her Kisses”.

& Thus bluntly in emotional caecity I said,

“You are way out of my reach” I am so lucky to have you.

She just *sighed* & whispered, I don’t think I am in anyway above you. You are my significant other ❤

& since then, she wouldn’t miss a chance of showing her love. She adored watching me smiling. She would adapt her fins to my arms & I would toggle down to feel her playful fragrance. My terrible songs & Guerrilla stunts kept her entertained & I was just too happy about my long-A-waited dream coming true.

In other words, I just simply cannot involve words to fusillade my joy of hearing these:

“You are my pretty boy” or “You are the man I always dreamed of”

Who can? 🙂

I was always so fueled up with energy being with her. Melting like a candle in “Awe” every time my eyes validated fantasies of her waving fins towards me.

Godly were those moments when she would gain feathers of gigantic waves & fly, fit fully appearing & vanishing like a butterfly, she every time left me tantalized.

Just like purple fantasies in reality, the sea horses sung songs for us & planned our dates. Sharks were jealous & misguiding but we didn’t care. We had each other as everything. She was the one I’d do anything for & this confidence was enormous enough to be brave & wild. She shaped my manhood from a raw boyhood.

One day she leaned over my chest & said,

“I want to share something with you”

Habitual of her silence I wondered & nodded in confirmation. It is sort of comedy when you can’t relate to something & the first thought that comes to your mind is “Am I Screwed?”

& then she sung in mirth & mystique:

“Murdered with hopeless dark,
I linger through all these dark woods,
Wondering if I would ever have a solace,
Habitual & lost I float on my roadways.

Dependant on my evil circles,
Serving demons my fate has chosen,
I give up to breathe & stand,
Like a dozen ice somewhere frozen.

A 13 year old memory stays right within,
Distorted & distributed painfully in neurons,
Seeking trust but do I believe?
Life never seemed fair as sermons.

In your eyes, I try to be alive,
Love me & define honesty & passion,
Bring me equal to my old memories,
A silent walk if the same old fashion”

In those 2 minutes of a hundred dark & scintillating emotions, How she painted a story of a million poisoned syringes slowly killing her. I felt vulnerable standing there in shameless silence trying to figure out what to say as usual. It was the first time she had spoken to me so clearly about how she feels. And then, I glared at a beam of light penetrating depths of the ocean & I was clear about my decision. Holding her hand I said,

When I fell in love with you, All your worries were simply mine. I am going to be with you always & this is a promise. I live to watch you smile, not to see you frown & If I’d ever hurt you, I’d hurt myself more. I love you.

She softly breezed her fin drops over my face & I lifted her in my arms to walk. When I looked into her eyes, they were like a waterfall of aesthetic awesomeness, So beautiful, so down to earth.

We rested over an ice rock she took me to & then we swum like paroles of youth, we swum on lyrics of a Love-book.



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