Tale of a Mermaid & So the stranger said …




I sometimes sit around & think about those days, How I lived the most beautiful moments of my life. How I was able to complete my search of a girl whom I could love with all my heart. She may not be with me today but I learned from my mistakes & in abilities. I am a better person today. Experiencing in life only makes you stronger & clear. Dedicated to my love this story unfolds fantasy of a Lover. Being close to my heart, this story of my character “Manav” is an effort to show my perspective to the readers.

#1. Falling for fantasy

I am talking about the time when I was a wandering soul. Directionless, I traveled to different places with different objectives, Yet satisfaction was no way near. Meaning of life was “I read in the newspaper” thing. Grossly ill with confidence I lurked perfectly through muddiness of my dreams. Entangled in my own odd stuff I turned the man who was looked at with the same point of view by everyone. Distracted from every thing that was of importance, difficulties had me pulverized every time. Although with clean intentions I had infidelity of lips which lead to a regret filled heart.

Over a mass flow I turned my direction towards a river one day. The cold water, vibrant flow & thrill of entertainment fearlessly filled confidence inside me. A new start of a new life, Another way to run from the past, Another way to again achieve something. I felt like a star while getting in touch with this whole new world. The river opened doors of my wonderland. A big ocean all around & A life where I wouldn’t have to lie. A life where I could give wings to my fantasies. A life where I could believe in the existence of the supernatural. To be honest this was the life where I felt like I existed. I accepted myself the way I am, I did everything I wanted to do. I got friends, friends who trusted me, listened to me. The days used to pass in “blink of an eye” because I achieved those little things which I could not in my reality somehow. I craved so much for this life that I sulked at reality but who knew that ” A typhoon so turbulent was coming towards me to change my life”

#2. Arrival of Love

One day while playing with my new friends, we lost our cricket ball to the ocean. Since I was a brave young man there, I pioneered as the search party. Oh! How shall I put the joy of being in-depth of an ocean? My three-pound universe was giggling with freshness. Such peace to mind was never felt & never bothered. Influential sea poured me with the feeling of pure individuality – “Me just Me”

I was paddling through the depths to fulfill my search when I first saw those “Eyes”. Eyes which were not at all common to my absolute intellect, not even in dreams. “Magical eyes weren’t slave to any”. The hazel hues portraying an innocent & sparkling view of her persona. No! This wasn’t an illusion but neither it was a pure reality. This was Love. Love I was searching all my life? Fighting my confusions I decided to welcome this sudden surprise. You can say I was stunned from this cupid act of February.

I extended my hand to have her touch but She moved like a thunderbolt & swam like a butter fly. Now, she was there in the light before my eyes. A Mermaid! Wait! Oh my! Is it really a scenario of validity? In every sense, She was the most beautiful serendipity on earth. She was unimaginable in all senses. “Perfection Perfectionised” I wish I had enough imagination to describe her. Aphrodite sounds ridiculous to me.

Gathering my thoughts I initiated to talk. Little terrified she still laughed hard over my curiosity & eagerness. This was turning out to be an embarrassment but who cares! My heart ! Pounding instructions to brain instead of blood. Oh my dear heart, when would you understand the dangers of spontaneity? While I was battling with my heart I forgot that I was on the edge of making the grave mistake of living fantasy inside a fantasy.

Go tell her! Tell her that she is the one you’ve searched all your life. Tell her that she is the one you want to spend your life with. Tell her everything you ever dreamed about being in love. All these voices were driving me crazy. Being lost in those thoughts I lost my senses for a while.

Mermaid: Hello ! *touching my face* You okay?

Me: Uhmm *Almost dying with happiness* what?

Mermaid: Who are you?

Her voice knocked me out again & no, I couldn’t help it.

but I finally answered, I’m Manav, from the planes of earth.

She gazed into my eyes & with sequential giggles she said “Manav” , you are cute”

Okay that was it! I was dying & she was there playing innocent fascinating games of words? I was still, shocked but it was magic & I had chills goose bumping my soul. I wanted to talk so much more but damn it! I’ve always been lacking enough confidence around feminine. She swam 2 steps back & said “I shall go now”.

There! Those were the words I wasn’t expecting. Not so soon. I panicked & felt doomed for life. I asked in a hurry “Will we meet again?” She smiled with blinking eyes & cruel silence leaving me perplexed with painful thoughts. She vanished in seconds & It was again “Me just Me”.

I came back on the unwanted surface empty-handed & walked till home. The following nights were difficult. Every second passed like a thousand love letters. Moon has always been the best companion in loneliness so I didn’t have much of a choice. I used to behold the moon &  gaze at the very silent ocean. Cold lights discovering beauty of the ocean & forming her images those will stand before me & chuckle. Impatient me shall say in frustration “Yeah! Go ahead, Make fun of me”  I miss you. You hear that? I MISS YOU! I will find the very next moment that I was only talking to myself & it shall bring unbearable pain. Every friend was only an objective to talk about her, Every thing got somehow related to her. Eyes wouldn’t stop seeing her, Hands wouldn’t stop hugging her, mind won’t stop over thinking & stupid heart won’t stop pounding so fast. “Songs of sorrow & songs of romance , Useless they felt still I would dance”. If this isn’t Love! What was it? I yelled in despair.

Under the shadow of my sadistic moments yet hopeful through heart I sat on the beach one day when suddenly I heard a voice. Oh Yes! It was her again. Glinting eyes moved like a rocket in hurry. The voice I waited all my life for finally came back to me. Issac Newton You were a genius!

Mermaid: Hey, how are you?

Me: hey I am great great yeah! ( I am sooooooo glad to see you, I feel like dancing, I feel bombarded with loveeeeee)

Mermaid: *smiling* See? We meet again.

Me: *blush* (WHO AM I? KILL ME!)

We sat together now, talking to each other for hours. It was my best time (Only I wished I could kiss her holding her in my arms). It was time to tell her everything I want to say. I wasn’t thinking much but I knew I can’t be shut for long. I asked her if I could say something? She giggled with a nod (Please tell me why do they giggle?). And then, I told her everything inside my heart. Every single feeling I got ever since I met her. How I dream of being with her all my life, How I dream of her transformation to human, How I dream Loving her as my everything. How she is my inspiration, How she encourages the energy in me. I told her every how I could possibly think of.

She sat there with moist eyes looking at me, Surprised enough to be wanting to get away & on the other side, my heart broke into thousand pieces , each one hopeful.

To be continued….


15 thoughts on “Tale of a Mermaid & So the stranger said …

  1. jeeja

    Very touching love story with a genuine feeling.Beautiful writing .Speak From the heart directly to the soul. wow ,you are very talented Tarun proud of you 😀

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