7 Days Before I Met You.


Love - The very first inspiration of me. This one belongs to the start of valentine's week. A "Happy Rose Day" & month of "February"

Walking through a garden I could see them,
It was like some fairy bought them wings,
Wings someone would give to his girl today,
I smiled, Just by thinking someone would really visit,
I was true. It is everywhere life exists.
One said it is a week of romance,
I saw it as seven days of realization,
Where Red was the loveliest color today,
Apart from every inhuman act it belonged to,
I saw it as a river of dreams to get me through.
My scared heart wanted me to sit & sob,
I was accompanied by critics of my fate,
I never had smiled truly in six years,
My complains were getting old & blind,
Motions now wanted to follow this turbine.
Asking myself questions never answered,
Why is spring scheduled at this time of the year?
Why these pigeons fly without any fear?
Why my grumpiest neighbor smiled at me today?
Is this the difference? I wanted myself to say.
I closed my eyes unaware of the happening,
Waves moving through me when I was touched,
Touch only I could feel in a million like me,
standing still letting me feel the innuendoes,
A charismatic cadence of a delicate rose.

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