Purple Thoughts.

Crooning my pain into a rhythm
The blank brown sky makes me daunt,
This isn’t my battle the rain drops tell me,
Enhanced, Engrossed still they just haunt.
I feel a strong flare before my eyes
A continuous episode of genocides,
Ineluctable jiffy of my darkest fears
You dare it & We will make it Die.
It turns round & soon I see the moon
Greatest of my only companions,
My pallid eyes pray for clearance
& It whispers, Yes! You’re just a minion.
I hear an oratorio from a nearby,
The story is about false eyes,
Crazy & pure he was driven
A blink caused him a forever cry.
If one plural thing I can hold
My own fiasco I’ll vouch,
The cascade I’ll fall through
Never I’ll regret, ever I say ouch.
On a stage for a 100 claps
Again I’ll tie some hand knots,
Floating through hills of trials
I’ll wake up with my Purple Thoughts.

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